Integrated Physical and Biological Science for Healthy Ageing Research.



Ageing is a natural process that is defined by a broad range of processes at the molecular, cellular, tissue and organism level.


Understanding the detailed biological science at each of these levels is the only way to improve health across the lifecourse. 

World class science


Our project leverages world class facilities and resources from across the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter (the GW4). Our scientists do not work within simple discipline boundaries , but instead are cross-disciplinary scientists, who have broad expertise and work in a range of areas, including Phemistry, biology, and physics.

Fundamental advances in ageing research


We develop the understanding of life-limiting diseases associated with ageing including Cancer, Neurodegeneration and Joint Health. We examine how Immunity and Nutrition contribute to the ageing process. We Develop ways to detect disease (Biomarkers and detection), Identify new therapeutic targets (Biomarkers and detection, Understanding biological mechanisms) and Test and make new drugs (Development of therapeutics, model systems). 

Exploiting new technologies and ways of working


We are committed to finding alternatives to animal research in the biomedical sciences and employ computational simulation, numerical modelling, in vitro assays, model cellular studies and invertebrate model organisms. The community is outward facing, with a broad range of industrial collaborations and partners at other institutions.