Research areas


Our community is characterised by a series of interlinked research areas that combine to provide transformative advances in the understanding of the ageing process and medical treatment.

Biomarkers and Detection

van den Elsen  - Detection of glycation

Bull – Detection of oxidative stress

Priest/Pudney – Protein and carbohydrate homeostasis

Gordeev – Atomic Force Microscopy to detect cell type (e.g. malignant vs healthy)

Pagliara – Microfluidics to detect cell type (e.g. malignant vs healthy)

Borri - CARS and Raman microscopy for label free imaging of cells

Gersen – Nanoscale functional imaging

Pudney – Detection of functional protein dynamics

Lubben – Mass spectrometry for molecular resolution of tissues

Moger – High-throughput screening of drugs

Stone – Biomedical vibrational spectroscopy

Winyard – Oxidative stress and biomarkers of arthritis


Brown – Alzheimers, prion protein

Kolstoe – SAP in amyloid formation

Mason – Alzheimers

Tsai – Glycosylphospatidylinositol anchored proteins

Schrader – Peroxisome morphology and dynamics


Caunt – Prediction of oncogene and drug affects

Bagby – Structure/function of ubiquitin ligases

Gordeev – Monitoring cancer cell progression

Pagliara – Monitoring cancer cell progression

Tsai – Glycosylphospatidylinositol anchored proteins

Nutritional health

Priest – Nutrition, microbiome and immune regulation in ageing

Kos – Adipose tissue and diabetes

van den Elsen – Protein glycation and diabetes


Joint health

Priest – Ageing and immune regulation

Pudney – Molecular mechanism of immune regulation

van den Elsen – Microbial immune evasion

Imaging techniques

Deeks- Cell dynamics

Borri- Label free (CARS and Raman) microscopy for tissue detection

Gersen – Novel approaches in label free imaging (cross polarisation microscopy)

Jayasinghe – Super resolution, DNA PAINT

Soeller – Live cell super resolution microscopy

Winlove – Non-linear Microscopy

Briscoe – Bio-lubrication

Winlove – Mechanical properties of tissues

Winyard/Littlechild – Detection of arthritis

Development of Therapeutics

Watts - Drug targeting and medicinal chemistry

Carbery – Synthetic photochemistry, synthesis of immunosuppressants

Sartbaeva – Therapeutic delivery and stabilisation

Pantos – Novel approaches to drug design, dynamic combinatorial library

Mason – Peptide therapeutics

Van der Kamp – Computational modelling and simulation for drug development (lactamase)

Bull – Synthetic organic chemistry and enzyme engineering.

Kolstoe – SAP antibodies

Pudney/Mason – Peptide therapeutics cancer and neurodegeneration

Pudney – Biopharmaceutical quality control

Littlechild - Enzyme engineering for pharmaceutical biotechnology.

Winlove – Immunotoxins for cancer therapy

Understanding biological mechanisms
Alternatives to animal research

Harmer – Enzyme mechanism, assay development, pathway engineering

Tsai – Protein glycosylation, unnatural amino acid incorporation (protein engineering)

Carbery – Enzyme mechanism

Rizkallah – Protein structure/function to identify drug targets.

Pudney – Protein dynamics and enzyme mechanism

Wells – Computational insight into protein/enzyme mechanism.

King – Instrument development and support.

Walker – Computation of structure.

Jones – Synthetic biology and protein engineering

Van der Kamp – Computational modelling and simulation

Mulholland - Computational modelling and simulation

Van den Elsen – Manduca Sexta

Priest – Drosophila Melanogaster

Caunt – Numerical modelling of signalling pathways