Chris Pudney, PI
Chris thinks big thoughts, 'helps' with experiments, doesn't make a mess.
Chris one day hopes to enter the Guinness book of records for the making the worlds smallest hand-made paper boat and to tre-flip a five stair.
Tony Kwok, PhD student 2015/2016 


Tony's project explores the use of the fluorescence edge shift effect to detect novel information on protein structure and developing the understanding of structurally disorderd protein biophysics.
Current title: Paper mill
Titles held: Paper mill, Darkness visible, Red peril, Expert expresser
Rory Crean, PhD student 2016/2017 


Rory is a student in the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technology. His project involves developing novel protein engineering approaches to stabilise enzymes. Rory uses a hybrid computational/experimental approach to tackle his research question.
Current title: Paper Mill
Titles held: Mr Robot, Fundermental, Breaking bad, Mr Robot
 Jade Hopkins, PhD student 2016/2017 

Co-supervised in our Lab (PI, David Cole - Cardiff)

Current title: High pressure hero
Titles held: Red peril, High pessue hero
Dora Rasadean, PhD student 2017/2018 

Dora is designing novel catalytic scaffolds based on dynamic combinatorial chemistry, applying the physical chemical rules we know from enzymology to a purely synthetic system. She is co-supervised by Dan Pantos.

Apart from the lab, I am a singer, love reading books and wander on early autumn.    

Current title: Breaking bad
Titles held: Beaking bad
Sam Winter, PhD student 2017/2018 

Sam is exploring the role of quinary enzyme structure in enzyme catalysis and if we can manipulate it for biocatalysis applications

Current title: Catalytically active
Titles held: Catalytically active
Sarah Hindson, PhD student 2018/2019 

Sarah is studying the potential for engineering protein dynamics in enzymes as a new route to develop biocatalysis platforms.

Current title:
Titles held: 
Ben May, PhD student 2018/2019 

Ben is working on applying artificial intelligence to identify microbes and drugs from spectral fingerprints.

Current title: 
Titles held: 
Dragana Catici (PhD): Fundermental, The socractic method, Darkenss visible, Bug buddy, Philanthropic at heart, High-pressure hero, Practically perfect, Red peril, Paper mill, Practically perfect.
Hannah Jones (PhD): Fundermental, Catalytically active, X-cellent contribution, Darkness visible, Toxic debt, Resonant instrument, High-pressure hero, Toxic debt, Paper mill.
Caroline Kobras (PhD): Darkness visible, Exponentially gifted
Anna Troyer Bruger (MsC): Hates experiments, loves computers.
Amal Hassan (MsC) Extracted ALL of the crystallin. 
Christina Gulacsy (PDRA): Known for mastering all forms of chemistry. The best.
Chris Matthews (MRes): Catalytically active.
Ran Tsalic (MRes): Red peril.
James Horne (MSc): Toxic debt, exponentially gifted. Author of 'The Horne Protocols'. Starting a PhD in Leeds with Sheena Radford.
Tim Hannah (MRes): Bug buddy. Gelatinous. The first MRes student in the lab.