Earn Titles and Badges


Sometimes your work in the lab is so good you feel like you should get a reward. Guess what, now you can! Complete any of the challenges in the list below and the earn the right to use one of our lab titles and badges

Rules of use


Everyone likes rules! 

1. Only one title/badge combo to be used at any one time

2. Titles are time limited to one month

3 Dr Pudney is the final arbiter of awards

Don't forget to have fun


Don't like titles, don't like badges, don't worry, get back to work!



Bronze tier

  • Expert expresser. Where you made more than 5 mg/L of pure protein.

  • Thrifty at heart. Where you negotiated at least 50 % off a consumables purchase.

  • Darkness visible. Where you measured over 100 fluorescence spectra in a single day.

  • Rainbow warrior. Where you made the lab a greener place.

  • Bug buddy. Where you grew over 50 litres of culture.

  • Daddy Warbucks. Where you have over 50 mg of purified protein in the Freezer.

  • Philanthropic at heart. Where you gave someone in need protein for their experiments.

  • Toxic debt. Where you owe someone who has completed 'Philanthropic at heart'.

  • Practically perfect. Where you hold more than three titles in the same month.

  • Exponentially gifted. Where you legitamtaley fit 3 or more exponentials to a transient.

  • Gelatinous. Where you made and ran over 30 SDS PAGE gels.

  • Breaking Bad. Where you worked with a chemist to make something new.

  • Cataytically active. Where you produced over 50 Michaelis-Menten curves.

  • Gasping for air. Where you spent over 48 hours in the glove box.

  • Red peril. Where you measured 10 red edge shift 3D spectra.

  • Resonant instrument. Where you monitored resonance energy transfer.

  • Magnetically sensitive. Where you observed a novel magnetic field effect.

  • X-cellent contribution. Where you helped run a scientific meeting (GW4 Bio-X specific).


Silver tier

  • High-pressure hero. Where you performed 10 full pressure runs in a single day.

  • Membrane potential. Where you made liposomes with five different compositions.

  • Data Junkie. Where you collected over 100 mb of data in a single day.

  • Dangerous to know. Where you completed 10 new COSHH forms.

  • The Socratic method. Where you taught over 10 UG/PG students in the lab.


Gold tier

  • Spectral spectre. Where you collected over 10,000 spectra from a single instrument.

  • Fundermental. Where you won some money to do science.

  • Paper mill. Where you are an author on a paper from the lab.

  • Known unknown. Where you generated intellectual property.

  • Video killed the radio star. Where you were in the media for your science.

  • Unpopular at parties. Where you developed a new numerical model to fit data.

  • Mr Robot. Where you ran over 1 microsecond of Molecular dynamics  simulations


Platinum tier

  • Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Where you have an independent fellowship.

  • Haters be hating. Where you are invited to peer review an article/grant

Lab awards

Forget silly professional awards, these are better.