GW4 Bio-X project meeting


Where and when


  • 20-21st July


  • Bailbrook House, Eveleigh Avenue, London Rd West, Bath, Somerset BA1 7JD

  • 10 Min taxi ride from Bath Spa train station

  • Overnight accomodation, food and travel expenses provided for participants.

  • Meeting is closed, meaning participants agree not to disclose the discussions held to ensure high-level participation



This project aims to develop a community of researchers from both the biological and physical sciences. 


As a community we aim to utilise novel and emerging approaches and techniques from the physical sciences to tackle 'big' bioscience questions. 


The meeting will develop the themes that the community wishes tot tackle and nucleate Problem Focus Teams, tasked with establishes these areas of research.



Participation is from a wide range of expertise and disciplines. The only criterea are a commitment to engage with the project. We envisage three kinds of participant.

1. Developers: Physical/biological and instrument scientists developing new methods, models and tools (MMTs). 

2. Doers: Early adopters of MMTs, contributing biological systems for testing and validation, giving rise to preliminary or supporting information.

3. Problem Owners: Biological/physical scientists who can coordinate inter-disciplinary teams, ideally with cross-cutting experience of the team expertise. Will take responsibility for driving publication and accessing the next tier of funding.